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    Features + Details

    Exceptional Control from Signature Shaping and Progressive CG

    Beautiful new shape and progressive CG locations to promote a lower, more controllable trajectory in the higher lofts.

    More Spin from New 16 Groove Configuration

    New 16-groove configuration incorporates an added groove near the leading edge for more spin, especially on pitches and chips.

    Increased Versatility from New •R• Grind

    A defined crescent sole creates more precision shot-making options in the short game, especially on half shots and off of tight lies.

    Soft Feel from Forged Construction and Rich Finishes

    Forged of soft 1025c steel for great feel and consistency. Choice of two finishes: Nickel Chrome with copper strike for a refined look, Brushed Slate for a raw look

    Consistency and Feel from a Premium Shaft and Grip

    Equipped with True Temper’s Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shaft -- #1 wedge shaft on Tour -- and Lamkin’s custom-designed UTx grip for great feel, traction and control.


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