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Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting is one of the most important aspects of improving your golf. By working with you, our experienced team of Custom Fit Specialists are dedicated to finding you the right head model and then optimise it for loft, lie, shaft and grip, to get every inch out of your game.

By matching the best equipment to your current swing, we can help deliver greater accuracy, increased distance and improved ball flight, all with the aim of lowering your scores and enhancing your enjoyment of the game.

You'll leave the fitting feeling confident with equipment that's totally customised to you, for you.

Callaway Performance Centres

Simply the ultimate Callaway fitting experience for all golfers. Callaway Performance Centres allow you to select from the full range of latest Callaway products with comprehensive fitting options, plus you will be guided through the entire fitting process by our experienced team of Callaway staff professionals.

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Regional Performance Centres

A superior Callaway fitting experience through an elite specialist group of Callaway Europe retailers. All Regional Performance Centres specialise in the fitting of Callaway equipment and are highly trained to deliver the very best levels of service both for your enjoyment and ultimate performance.

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Custom Fit Retailers

Quick and accurate fitting experience throughout all of Europe using Callaway’s proprietary standard and premium ‘OPTIFIT’ custom fit systems. All registered Callaway Custom Fit Retailers are trained and approved to fit Callaway equipment to ensure all new equipment is best suited to you.

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