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Apex Pro 16 Irons 
Apex Pro 16 Irons 
The Ultimate Forged Performance Iron For Skilled Players. The Apex Pro 16 Irons include Tour influenced shaping, soft feel, and progressive CG for forged performance.
Apex Pro 16 Irons
Apex Pro 16 Irons
Apex Pro 16 Irons
Apex Pro 16 Irons

Apex Pro 16 Irons

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    Technology Specs

    Apex Pro 16 Irons Technology Item
    • Tour Influenced Shaping and Design

      This is a classic look that the best players want to see, and their extensive input played a huge role in how we designed this set.

    • Soft Feel

      The 1025 mild carbon steel and advanced quadruple net forging creates the soft feel that better players prefer.

    • Progressive CG for Playability and Precision

      Our multi-material design optimizes the Center of Gravity of each club. The longer irons (3-5) have more offset and a tungsten insert to lower CG for higher launch. The shorter irons (6-A) have a higher CG for a controlled, penetrating trajectory.

    • Premium Shaft Offerings

      Project X stock steel offering with a wide selection of steel shaft options at no upcharge.

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