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Sure Out Wedge 
Sure Out Wedge 
Get Out and Get Up and Down. With the Sure Out Wedge, renowned golf instructor Hank Haney has collaborated with Callaway engineers to create a new wedge that makes greenside shots – especially from sand and rough – incredibly easy to play.
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    Technology Specs

    Sure Out Wedge Technology Item
    • Easy Explosions from Greenside Bunkers

      New enhanced-camber, high-bounce Sure Out sole glides cleanly through sand without the need to open the face at address, generating easy, high, soft-landing shots.

    • Solid Contact for Consistent Distance Control

      A wider sole and larger face area promote solid face-to-ball contact for optimal distance control.

    • High Spin for Fast-stopping Shots

      17 full-face grooves and an aggressive groove geometry promote fast, shot-stopping spin even on off-center hits.

    • Premium Wedge-Specific Shafts

      Lightweight steel and graphite options expressly designed to promote responsiveness and feel.